The Project

In celebration of serving the global hoop community, we are sending 4 hoops out to travel the world. We will follow their journey as they are passed from hooper to hooper.  There will be some wonderful photo opportunities as these hoops travel around, so hopefully everyone giving and receiving one of these specially marked hoops will send us a photo which will go onto Facebook & Instagram.

One more thing, we are hoping that everyone who ‘fosters’ one of these hoops to write a wish, prayer, gratitude or blessing on a small piece of paper and put it inside the hoop.  Hopefully the hoops will return to OSHS one day and we can retrieve the messages and publish them.

The First Hoop Out

The first hoop went out in April 2018 and we called her April Green.  Her journey so far has been from Dorset to London, back to Dorset (ha ha, don’t ask!), then to Denmark, Barcelona and Costa Rica.  Check out #oshshoopitforwards on Instagram