Life is better when you’re hooping

Hi, Tamsin here, from One Stop Hoop Shop. I have created this on-line shop to provide everything you need to make whatever hula hoop you want, at an affordable price.

After falling in love with hooping, it was a natural progression to want to start making hand crafted hula hoops, it looked fun and creative. Hooping transformed my life, bringing me great benefits to my physical and emotional well being. I wanted my nearest and dearest to experience this too. They all received a hula hoop that Christmas!

Once family and friends had their hoops, I turned my attention to the community around me, I wanted to run classes, workshops community events, sell hoops, lend hoops. I needed hoops, and lots of them. I searched for affordable and easily available hoop making supplies but with no luck. And so One Stop Hoop Shop was born.


If you love hooping, you want other people to hoop with; you have to spread the hoop love and create your own community. So whether you teach hoop dance and fitness and need a stack of class hoops, want to make some hoops for yourself or gifts for friends or you want to start your own hula hoop making business, One Stop Hoop Shop is here to make it easy, affordable and fun.

So, welcome to One Stop Hoop Shop. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or questions or if you just want to connect.