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These hoops are made from beautiful, UK made polypropylene tubing.  They are light weight, responsive and the all-round hoop of choice if you have been hooping for a while.  A Polypro hoop is also a must have for off-body hooping, moves and tricks.  It comes naked with push button connector so it coils down for travel.   Polypro is also great for children’s hoops.  If you want a size that is not listed, we are happy to create a custom order for you.

16mm OD x 12mm ID

Love Your Polypro Hoop – Care Advice

Your polypro hoop will arrive coiled down, please release it from its packaging as soon as possible to allow it to regain its original form.  Only leave your hoop coiled down for the shortest possible time and coil down only to about two thirds its size and tape to secure. Don’t store your polypro hoop in extremes of temperatures – they don’t like it and may end up becoming brittle.   Never try and coil your hoop down to half its size as it puts too much strain on the material and may result in kinking.



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